November 17, 2019

Did you know there are different ways to get rid of odours depending on whether they are old or new?

An example of a new odour would be someone going outside during a work break and having a cigarette. Afterwards their clothes, hair etc., have an odour from it that clings and sticks to you as you return to work. To fix that, you just spray yourself with PotAway privacy spray before you go back inside and you'll be all set. Doesn't take much PotAway at all and immediately the odour is destroyed.

An example of an old odour, is perhaps a couch in a musty basement. It smells musty and perhaps of animals and food accidents and the years of odour build up. In this scenario the odour removal is a process and does require a bit of extra effort. The good news is that all is not lost! PotAway can take care of it. Just follow the steps below.

1. Vacuum the couch & cushions to bring up any underlying odour causing issues.
2. Remove the cushions if possible, spray cushions top, bottom and sides. Spray couch including each crevice.
3. Wait and let dry.  Once dry if some odour is still there proceed to #4.
4. Vacuum the couch & cushions again and repeat steps 2 & 3.

Most of the time the odour is gone the first time, or after 1 repeat. In rare situations it may take another repeat. 

An exception to the above is when the source of the odour has not been removed. If you haven't removed the source, it will constantly reintroduce odour that will need to be treated with PotAway.

Skunk odour removal falls under the same rules as above. The timing of the skunking dictates whether its new or old odour. If its a fresh skunking treat immediately with a good spray down with PotAway. Be sure to lift the fur to get down to the skin and into crevices. Use a cotton pad soaked in PotAway to get skunk out of the animals eyes.

If the skunking is not fresh and its been a day or two, then it is more embedded and the animal will need to be soaked and scrubbed with PotAway to make sure it gets into every nook and cranny. May require 2 soakings. Give us a call with any concerns. Happy to help.

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