OptAway Sport


Got active kids? Do you or your partner participate in sports or gym activities? If so you probably have been having to deal with a wide variety of obnoxious odours/ To get your sports equipment, gear, clothing, and shoes fresh-smelling and clean, you need OptAway Sport! This natural, chemical-free and fragrance-free creation completely clears the odours from clothing, gear, shoes and even body odour. It’s safe for use on skin and clothing, leaving nothing behind. No added fragrance. Great for people with sensitive skin. Non-irritating. 

    • Handy 8-ounce size ideal for carrying in a gym bag.
    • Removes foul odours from sports equipment, feet, clothing and more
    • Safe for use on clothing and skin
    • No added chemicals or fragrances
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact
    • Absolutely safe for children, and those with allergies or asthma