What is in PotAway?

PotAway is a natural product. The only ingredients are restructured water, salt, hypochlorous. The process the water goes through when creating PotAway is where the magic happens. It breaks the salt down into heavily diluted hypochlorous or HOCl which is its scientific name. HOCl is made naturally by white blood cells in all mammals for healing and protection. HOCl is a powerful oxidant that is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

PotAway can be used on skin, clothing, upholstery, and you can even spray it in your mouth to kill ashtray flavored kisses!

What is the difference between OptAway & PotAway?

None! The only difference in the product is the label. Some users are uncomfortable with the cannabis leaf or the word Pot in the name on the bottle. As such OptAway is our Private Label brand of PotAway. Just as effective, same features of no added chemicals and no fragrance. Just destroys odours as if they never happened.

Is there any scent at all?

No! Fragrance free! No fragrance additives are added. If you open a bottle and smell directly you will catch a smell of clean. However once utilized / sprayed it has no scent at all, and kills all the smells you’re trying to get rid of.

How much do I need?

That depends on where you are trying to get rid of your smells from. Whether its your car, your person, a room in your home or a combination of all three. Each of our products works for one or more of those scenarios. On average car sprays last for 8+ months, and Room Sprays last for 6 months. A little goes a long way. Feel free to email us and ask for a recommendation if you are unsure. 

Can I use my own diffuser?

Absolutely! Any ultrasonic diffuser that is water based and used with essential oils and water can be used with PotAway/OptAway. It is absolutely critical that you clean the diffuser out after using essential oils in it - run it with water and vinegar to make sure all the essential oils have been removed. Once its been cleaned you can use it with PotAway/OptAway. Put the PotAway/OptAway into the diffuser like you would add water, and add NOTHING else to the diffuser. Do not add water. Do not add essential oils. Just PotAway/OptAway solution.

Can I get this in the store?

Yes! Check out our Retail Locations page to find out the closest location to you to pick up your PotAway. Note, some locations only carry the Privacy Spray. If you have a local Home Hardware, vape shop, smoke shop, health store, convenience store etc., feel free to ask them to give us a call to get our product added to their store. 

Do you deliver?
Yes we will deliver asap within the Niagara Region for a flat fee. Call us to arrange.