Getting Rid Of Odours With No Masking, Chemicals Or Fragrance

Like It Never Happened

Pet Odour Removal

Remove Odors From Litter Boxes, Pet Beds, Vehicles And Furniture. Skunk Accident? No Problem!

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Home Odour Removal

Remove Household Odours Without Masking, Chemicals Or Fragrances

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Cigarette Smoke & Cannabis Odour Removal

Get Rid Of The Smell From Clothes, Vehicles, Hands, and Mouth!

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Kills Germs And Bacteria

Effective At Neutralizing Bacterial Odours On Contact

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Want to know more about PotAway?
Protect The Air Around You

PotAway kills/neutralizes bacteria & pathogens. It's like Purell for the air around you.

That is how PotAway destroys odours so well, since odours ARE bacteria. There are a LOT of other bacteria's & pathogens floating around in the air around you that could possibly make you sick, and PotAway destroys those too!

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Spray or Diffuse?
One of the most useful options of PotAway is the ability to use it in a diffuser. There are different scenarios that make a spray and diffuser combo the perfect match. 
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New Odours vs Old Odours

Did you know there are different ways to get rid of odours depending on whether they are old or new?

An example of a new odour would be someone going outside during a work break and having a cigarette. An old odour could be a couch in a musty basement...

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