November 17, 2019

One of the most useful options of PotAway is the ability to use it in a diffuser. Any diffuser that utilizes a liquid and not just drops of oil on a pad can be used. If you have a diffuser already for your essential oils you can use the same diffuser with PotAway. Check our FAQs for instructions on how to do that.

There are different scenarios that make a spray and diffuser combo the perfect match. When dealing with multiple odour issues in your home, the convenience of the diffuser is that it allows you to have it in the area where odours most often occur. Push a button during an odour issue and tada, 15 - 30 minutes later odour gone. With the spray you are able to target specific areas throughout your house quickly and at any given moment. You can also spray furniture, window treatments, carpets, etc. 

Company stopping by? Do a quick run through with the spray to make your home smell clean and well, like nothing at all. Don't forget the bathroom. 

We have Diffuser Refills, Diffusers if you don't have one, and Room Sprays so you can have your pick - or get a set of all 3!

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