Smoke Odour Removal

Don’t just disguise odours. Destroy them.

PotAway (and OptAway) effectively eliminates all odours including smoke smell caused by cigarettes, cannabis, or fire. 

  • Chemical Free & NO Fragrance!

  • Safe for use on clothing, upholstery, skin, and fur

  • Absolutely safe for children, animals, and those with allergies or asthma

  • Air is cleaned of bacteria, mold, mildew & pathogens.


Get Rid Of Smoke in CarsGet rid of smoke smell and all the other odours in your vehicle, RVs, boats and pesky mud rooms. If you are a regular smoker in your vehicle then your best option is our Vehicle Diffuser & a PotAway Fill (or OptAway Refill). The vehicle diffuser fits into any cup holder and holds 50ml of PotAway. It runs for up to 3 hours if necessary, however you will only need to run it for a relatively short period of time to eliminate the smoke smell from your vehicle.  For occasional usage you can utilize our Car Spray. It is 4oz in size to fit nicely into a glove box for when you need it.


Living Spaces

Get rid of Smoke smell in roomFrom kitchens to living rooms, bedrooms to the front porch, smoke has a way of permeating the air, furniture, curtains and other soft materials. To destroy the odours we recommend utilizing our Home Set. It includes a diffuser that can cover up to 1000 sq ft using only 150ml, a Room Spray that you can use to spray furniture, upholstery, window treatments and any other soft surface. It also includes a 1 liter jug of PotAway to fill the diffuser. If you already have a diffuser, feel free to purchase the Room Sprayor Diffuser Fillseparately. Check our FAQs for instructions on how to use your own diffuser with PotAway product.


For You

Get rid of smoke smell on clothesSmoke has a nasty habit of clinging to your clothes, hair and skin. Use our Privacy Spray to keep on hand in your pocket or purse to quickly get rid of the smoke odour after a smoke break at work, prior to an important meeting, or any other time it may be inopportune to reek of smoke, no matter what kind of smoke it is. Just lightly spray your clothes, your hands, your hair, even spritz into your mouth if you like! No chemicals! Tastes like salt water. 



smoke buddy sploofy alternativeSploofy or Smoke Buddy Alternative

The Sploofy and Smoke Buddy filters are good - they have been in use for donkey years. However they are not 100% and they are also not very discrete. Our privacy spray, for example, is a handy small bottle that fits in your pocket or purse. It lets you enjoy your smoke as it should be - and then use a few sprays to kill the odour afterwards, including your fingers, hair, skin & clothing. Even your breath.... 😉.  A little goes a long way with our bottles, they last a long time creating a very cost effective solution for cannabis odour issues.