Clothing & Sports Gear Odours

Don't just disguise odours. Destroy them.

PotAway effectively eliminates all odours including those created when we build up a stinky sweat.

  • Chemical Free & No Fragrance
  • Safe for use on clothing, and skin
  • Absolutely safe for children and those with allergies or asthma
  • Air is cleaned of bacteria, mold, mildew & pathogens 
get rid smelly shoes

Footwear, Activewear & Sports Gear

Shoes stink. When people smell your feet before you get within 5 feet of them, there is a problem. We love our shoes but after awhile bacteria and odours build up in them until it seems we have no choice but to dispose of them.  Until now. With OptAway Sport or any of our sprays, you can spray inside your shoes or other activewear to quickly eliminate all the odours & bacteria built up inside them. As your activities and feet create more sweat and bacteria odour issues, you will need to spray again as needed, so keep a bottle on hand.


get rid of odour from clothes


All your clothes in the laundry and need something that doesn't smell to wear for a last minute errand? Spray your clothes down with our Room spray and it will kill any bacteria and odours on them, as if it was freshly laundered. Were you visiting a friend or working in a room that had odours that seemed to cling to you even after you left? Use our Privacy spray to spray your clothes down so it doesn't come with you.


Room Spray

Room Spray

$20.00 CAD
Neutralizes foul odours so your home will always smell clean and fresh, even after you cook something pungent, smoking, or when your dog needs a bath.  For your Living Room 🏠...
Privacy Spray

Privacy Spray

$6.00 CAD
Compact take along spray is discrete and takes care of any personal odours quickly. You can even spray it in your mouth to freshen your breath in a pinch! Use a few spritzes to clean...
OptAway Sport

OptAway Sport

$14.99 CAD
Got active kids? Do you or your partner participate in sports or gym activities? If so you probably have been having to deal with a wide variety of obnoxious odours/ To...