Driving for Uber? Lyft? Taxi?

Twitter is filled with rideshare riders who complain about either a ride where the car smelled bad, or where the rideshare driver is using car fresheners and making them sick. These same people not only complain to Uber & Lyft, but they leave the rideshare driver bad ratings. Even though the car freshener is meant to help, you get penalized for it. One of the biggest issues that falls on deaf ears at these rideshare companies is how to deal with odour. 

 Then there is the other side of the coin. Your own nose being assaulted. Riders who get into your car and use it as their personal space to get ready for wherever they are going. Spraying perfume, cologne, hair spray.. Or they were just smoking outside and although they stopped its all over their clothes and they bring it into the car with them. Or they have food that smells delicious to you but you KNOW it potentially will bother your next pick up.

So what are your options?

1. Roll your windows down. Sure that will work sort of after awhile. Maybe? Or the smell of whats outside will come in. Or if you have one of those clingy smells, it just doesn't work at all. So nope. Not the answer.

2. Car Freshener Trees. The thought is nice. But they just don't cut it. Not only can they not handle new odours, all they do is mask and mix in with the odours in the car. On top of that there is a very large portion of the population that get sick from the smell of them. Got barf bags ready?


Exploded Car Freshener

3. Aerosols - Again, masking and mixing with odours. Not destroying them. A car exploded in Halifax, UK from a driver using an air freshener aerosol. Need we say more?

How about an actual solution that helps both you AND your rider? 

Introducing the OptAway Rideshare set. Your own personal car odour destroyer. The Rideshare set includes 1 car diffuser that fits into any cup holder and one 16oz trigger spray bottle of OptAway. This allows you the freedom to either spray your car quickly after an "odour episode", or you can open the bottle to fill the car diffuser to have it running randomly while you're driving, killing any odours as they occur. 

Why OptAway? 

  • Doesn't mask odours. Destroys odour on contact in the air or upholstery.
  • No chemicals! Ingredients are restructured water and minerals. No chance of irritating your riders allergies or sensitivities.
  • No fragrance! Tropical breeze sweaty feet is not a pleasant smell. OptAway has 0 fragrance and kills all odours as if they NEVER HAPPENED.
  • Cleans the air of bacteria, mildew, mold and pathogens. Protect your health and others from being exposed to the germs & bacteria everyone brings into your car with them.

Odour used to be a hard issue to fix. Your only options used to be chemical filled aerosols and fresheners, that was trading one odour for another AND adding toxins. Now with OptAway, you have a safe, natural, odour neutralizer that destroys the stink.  

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